Returns + Exchange Policy:


Must be within 30 days of purchase.

The item must have been purchased at

The item cannot have been worn, washed, used, or dried.

The item must be perfume, deodorant, and smoke free.

The item must be in the same condition as when it was purchased.. 

*please note that sale items do not qualify for returns or exchanges 


How to return or exchange:

1. Submit one of the forms below (We want to know whats up!)

2. Once you receive an email from us (may take up to 48 hours) follow the instructions given!

Name *
Do you want to? *
Date of purchase? *
Date of purchase?
Is the item in the original condition as described above? *


We will do our best to accommodate necessary returns and exchanges that comply with our policies; because of the nature and limited quantities of our products we cannot guarantee our ability to honor all requests.