Dear UBB Team,

As a recent Temple grad, this is why I want to work at UBB! After spending my summers and breaks for the last five years working with families in impoverished communities in El Salvador, a business ethics class is where it all started to click. I learned about the human rights violations and environmental impacts that plague the fashion industry; the Rana Plaza building collapse, unlivable wages, trafficked workers, polluted waterways, and the extreme excess of clothing being produced. I sat in the classroom with the names, faces, and stories of the people I’ve encountered came flooding my mind. That moment brought a very raw sense of realization; I was personally offended and overwhelmed by the notion that human beings (companies) maximize profits by exploiting other human being’s lack of opportunity. That day I knew that social impact business would be the space I’d pursue for the remainder of my time at Temple and post graduation.


From there, using my experience with photography, videography, design, and formal business skills, I created a social awareness campaign called Understand Your Brand. The campaign was designed to get consumers to ask where their clothes are made, but in a matter of three semesters, the campaign developed from ideation to a product launch. After funding the beginning stages of research and development with a research grant, I launched a successful Kickstarter Campaign for the Wear It On Your Sleeve T-Shirt. I created the shirt to fundamentally challenge the status quo of apparel manufacturing with conceptual design and ethically outsourced manufacturing. Given that I didn’t have the resources available to pay anyone, I took on every aspect of the campaign myself and gained experience and knowledge on how to build campaigns and sell products.  


The Content Marketing Associate position seemingly offers exactly the type of environment I would thrive in; collaborative, analytical, yet creative. This position would allow me to create data driven value while diving deeper into my commitment of protecting the planet and investing in the people I share it with. I feel that these personal commitments and my background in business development, ecommerce, and media production would couple well and can be utilized altogether by UBB. I would love the opportunity to use my skills as inputs for a company whose output is impact!

Thank you for your consideration!

Brandon Study